November 16, 2009
here i am at 11 pm, on my moving day, blogging. i never would've thought.
but really, how could i miss out on a chance to take notes during such a momentous night, and when grant has already so efficiently got the internet up and running? really. i must.
we said our so longs and farewells to the old place.
and spent the evening packing up the fridge and loading the car.
we are really and truly home, in our house.
i always remember my first meal in a house. like at my family's home in nebraska, the first time we ever ate in that house we were camped out on the living room floor (again, the no chair thing) and one of us girls spilled chocolate milk on the carpet. classic.
this house will forever carry the 9 pm six-inch from subway during 'dancing with the stars' memory as our first meal. mmm. we were starving, and thank goodness our tiny town has one fast food restaurant. since it is our only quick-eats option here, we have got this $5 footlong thing down to a science. tonight grant said we've nailed the perfect sandwich. yay. (it certainly was perfect. i could have eaten the whole footlong by myself i was so famished.)
off to the upstairs (upstairs!) and some much needed sleep.


ALFIE said...

soooooo happy for you, summer!!!

i hope you enjoyed every stair you had to climb :)

enjoy the fabulous new pad!!!

marta said...

congrats. congrats. congrats. am beyond happy for your successful moving day. and i love that you stopped to record the moment and in turn, share it with us. from here on out, am living vicariously through you, just so you know.

sweet dreams.

Renee said...

did you discover all the new creeks and noises that go along with a new house?!! Have fun enjoying it today!

Kelli said...

Isn't it good to be home! Congrats.



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