November 2, 2009
it's here, it's here! it's finally here! november. the month of anticipation. it has arrived and i can't wait for more of it.
on a different note, how was your halloween? ours, i'm happy to tell you, was the opposite of last year. 2008 brought a shockingly scant supply of trick-or-treaters, leaving me bitterly disappointed and missing my old neighborhood, but this year i would have none of that. determined to make halloween an eventful night, i threw together a last minute, tiny surprise party for two by printing out this super simple menu and party itinerary and tucking it into grant's side of the sheets on friday night. then on saturday, we partied. sort of. no costumes or dry ice or decorations, but i did borrow a dvd from the library, baked some cookies and plated caramel apple slices. we kicked things off with a showing of the thriller music video, handed out butterfingers to some cute nieces and a nephew, and watched the chronicles of narnia, which is about as scary as i can handle. i even got to chat with my sister and brother in law and their adorable yoda dressed boy. it was totally my kind of party.
when the party was over, we reminisced about halloweens of old. you remember what it was like. you lived in one of those costume hopping, candy crammed neighborhoods. it was the best. you carried around your 10-pound pillowcase in the cold night, the weight and workout of it keeping you warm, mindful of the places where they gave out full candy bars. you knew it was time to head home when your pillowcase became too heavy to lug around anymore, and the sweet looks of sympathy at the door had begun to diminish. they saw that you had plenty already, mom said that you had plenty already, and dad said that you would have halloween candy until easter.
back at home, you and your sisters would plop down on the living room floor, costumes intact, and pour out your takings. next came the best part of all.. the sorting. snickers and milky ways, hershey's and reese's, whoppers and milk duds, the weird-wrappers, the not-candy, the throw-aways, the favorites. each treat had it's own category. i remember it so clearly, the night the living room floor became a collage of sweet candy circles. and if you made a nice offer, sisters would sometimes trade you their gummy lifesavers and kit-kats. it was a magical night.
then there was always the next day at school, when evidence of the profitable night of trick-or-treating made an appearance in lunch sacks and lockers. that candy always seemed to be above the rules. you could eat it in class and teachers would not say a word. those were the days.
i hope your halloweens were like mine. i have such fond memories. i can't wait for future halloweens with tiny costumed kids of my own. someday, someday. i will love being the mom that stands on the end of the sidewalk and waits to hear the cheery sound of 'trick-or-treat' coming from my own little mouths. for the time being, i put a piece of candy in grant's lunch in observance of the day-after tradition.
back to november. happy anticipating!
and tomorrow expect to see the cookies from my scaled-down shindig. get ready, they're good.


Kelli said...

What are ham and cheese crescents? Those sound yummy.

megs said...

That is exactly what we did on halloween too (in a small town in British Columbia - guess its the same most places)! Pillowcases and sorting. I would always try to pawn my tootsie rolls off on my little brother.

Anonymous said...

Aw, sounds like you guys had an awesome night! I was away all weekend, but I think we're going to do some pigs-in-a-blanket eating and movie watching tonight, instead.

PS: Saw This is It and LOVED IT SO MUCH. Ok good talk.

marta said...

your post brings back so many memories of rummaging through piles of candy. i loved the unique types like fundip, candy necklaces or ringpops. those were always in a pile of their own.

p.s. loved the part about the post halloween treat in grant's lunch. will have to do that for dan tomorrow.

glad your party was such a success.

John and Teresa said...

i am such a sucker for halloween and i loved reminiscing with you. john has been enjoying many post halloween treats in his lunch too between the candy and the fall baking i've done - so much fun!

Christina said...

Sounds like fun!



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