December 28, 2009
the christmas blizzard of 2009.
once upon a christmas eve,
harmses flocked together at steve and judy's house
a music video was recorded in the backyard
radar reports were given hourly
lamps flickered during a showing of the movie up
a 13 hour power outage ensued
meals prevailed, thanks to judy's gas stove
pineapple chopped and guacamole made by candlelight
toilet flushing began again, thanks to the generator
an impromptu, a capella christmas concert performed in the living room
wild winds and deep, unplowed snow
26 people stranded at the farmhouse
emergency overnight stay
beds of blankets on the floor
a furnace break down, a fried refrigerator
a fireplace.. thank you, Lord
parker plumbing & heating makes housecalls on christmas day.. thank you, Lord
steve's sturdy truck chauffeured families to town and back
houses and cars half-buried
home again, fresh socks have never felt better
grant's new snowblower put to good use
total accumulation upwards of 20 inches of snow
a christmas to remember, and we all lived happily ever after
ps. more photos to come


Christina said...

Wow! What an adventure. Way to make my Christmas sound boring. : )

Aunt Kayleen said...

So glad there was a happy ending to this story!!!!!!!!!!

natalie said...

wowzers! quite the story. sounds like an exciting Christmas! glad you made it home safe and sound.



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