December 12, 2009
for the jack of all trades.
grant got a new toy just in time for our new house. lately the stud finder has been beeping around our bare walls, showing him the right spots for nails and bolts. it's pretty nifty. perfect for boys who like to be precise in their craft. i'm guessing any guy would like something under the tree that makes him feel like a bona fide handyman.


Amanda said...

This would be an absolutely perfect gift for my fiancee Chad...we're moving in together after our wedding in May and we'll have a lot of pictures to hang on our bare walls.

Thanks for the tip, Ms. Summer!

Kelli said...

Ooh, my husband needs this. I'm glad Grant is enjoying!

natalie said...

don't having tools like this on hand seem so grown up??!! have fun hanging things!



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