December 17, 2009
it's officially christmas vacation. and i'm about spent. dressing 20-some angels and shepherds, calming tear-streaked faces and mediating tattle tales, juggling two school schedules with one car, an early morning meeting, a late away game tonight, a motley collection of shoes at our door, and a 20-pound purse that, as far as i can tell, gains weight by the hour. i'm so not used to leaving my house for 13 hours at a time.
today was our christmas program|party at preschool. we jingled bells, sang 'away in a manger' to a sea of proud parents, ate birthday cupcakes for baby Jesus, and lucky miss summer (they really call me that!) got 29 christmas hugs from some of the most lovable little people she knows. today was also my first time to accompany the basketball team on the bus to their game. i got to share a seat with my husband at the front, while the boys claimed the cool backseats. i'd never been on a school bus with grant before. as he told me stories of the day's misadventures in his classroom, i tried to picture what it would've been like to sidle up to him as high school sweethearts.
basketball currently makes up about 75% of our life, which is ironic, since sporting events were entirely absent from my growing up days. and now look at me! a coach's wife. going to games. knowing the rules (sort of). and loving it. admittedly, i miss grant something terrible when he has to be gone, and the time he spends at home is like gold to me now. but going to games together is worth all the time apart. it's my new favorite date: bleachers, starbursts, varsity players, and grant by my side to explain everything. perfect.
the short and sweet of it: busy days. so busy, our tree hasn't even been lit up today. scandalous. and yet, with all the toing and froing, i've found time to start reading a book again. go figure. christmas is coming. must make it a time set apart. fling wide the portals of your heart. (love this new-to-me christmas carol.) tomorrow i'm going to sit at the black table in our living room, look out the snowy window, and think christmasy thoughts.


stina1125 said...

i just started a new book (in honor of finishing the semester & Christmas, of course) - "two from galilee" by marjorie holmes. it's a very sweet fictional retelling of the love story between mary and joseph. you might like it.
miss you!

Aunt Kayleen said...

Love your picture. Can I have your table when you're done with it?

Mom Judy said...

Your black table by the window looks so peaceful and wintery. About the preschoolers, you missed the part when Tanner and Jaden were playing tug of war over an angel halo while dressed in their shepherd costumes. It seemed like a classic scene before the program starts.

natalie said...

what a beautiful picture. always enjoy hearing about your life and what makes up your days. have fun with all the basketball!



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