January 12, 2010
ever open up iphoto and see 34 photos that could be 'nothing' or could have a blog post buried inside them? yeah, that's me right now. i'm staring at a window of random pictures from the past 11 days of january and wondering if i should just drag them over to the trash. or should i fish for the right words to say and send them up for posting? hmm. i guess i'll hold on to them for now. perhaps i'll have a li'l stray photos slideshow sometime.
on a different note, this morning i decided to do another one of those posts where i simply write about what life is like lately|what i'm doing today. they make me feel like 'real life' is being recorded here. and i think 'future summer' will enjoy reading what she used to do. surprisingly, sometimes i actually do go back and skim posts from the past, occasionally we even use the blog as a historical reference when we can't remember something. like, when did the 'for sale' sign go up in front of our apartment? anyway, i wonder if those 'day in the life' posts might be the ones i will be most glad that i wrote someday.
at the moment, i'm headed to the kitchen to whip up some banana chocolate chip cookies; i'll be back later to write about my day, as right now is my least favorite time to be on the computer. there's a horrible glare on the screen at this hour- but i'm not complaining! a glare means sunlight, and i will never begrudge a little sunshine, especially in the dead of winter.


marta said...

cute, cute. love the camera. love the nails. love the hair. am inspired by your daily dose posts. am off to bake some cookies myself. am in desperate need of chocolate chips.

Bryant said...

banana chocolate chip cookies sound really good. can you share the recipe?

natalie said...

mmmhmm....those cookies sound delish!

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Yes! Please share the recipe. I've heard about those cookies a few times in the past week, and they just sound delish!

P.S. Daily life posts are sometimes my favorite. :-)

holly-lynn said...

i THIRD sharing the recipe!!

notebook doodles said...

just curious, what color is your nails..? i think it's quite similar to what i'm using at the moment :p



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