January 28, 2010
i finished my fling with julia this week. how sad that it had to end. it was fascination.
but now i have a glowing review to give.
get me. writing a book report of my own free will. my lit teacher should be smiling.
the book was nothing short of a smash. sprinkled with french phrases and dripping with details, it was an absolute delight. sensational, in the truest form of the word. my mouth-watered and my eyes feasted on her beautiful words. (yes, i am a total word nerd. i even took the pioneer woman's word nerd quiz last night while grant was at class.)
there was a popular cookbook in circulation during julia's prime called the joy of cooking, but i feel like this book is the real embodiment of that title. she positively flourished under the influence of french food; cooking was pure joy to her. and don't let the near-400 pages intimidate you, julia will have you so enchanted that you won't even realize you've been swept off your feet and into the heart of la belle france. granted, it probably helps that i share her love for making and eating food and her delight in all things french, but as one of the critics on the book jacket praised, 'her elegant, but unfussy prose pulls the reader into her stories.' i couldn't agree more. i was captivated.
not only did i come away from this book feeling like i've had a refresher course in my schoolgirl french (oh it made me want to break out my french 4 textbook again), but a few cooking lessons to boot. and here's what i will take with me into the kitchen from now on, '.. nothing is too much trouble if it turns out the way it should.' julia child. well said. bravo, julia.


swell.life said...

you've peaked my curiosity. i knew i couldn't stop after seeing j&j. i should really read this book!

i think you and julia could have been kindred spirits.

and congrats on your first batch of jam. that's huge. seriously...i'm way too intimidated!

Anneliese said...

i really need a new book. i might look for this one!

ChelseaF said...

I just put a request on this at our library, but there are 3 people ahead of me! Can't wait to crack this one open!

Aunt Kayleen said...

Ever since Uncle Don and I watched the movie Julie and Julia for the first time earlier this week, I've been totally captivated with Julia Child! I was even going to Youtube her this morning. How neat that you happened to make a post about her today!! Bon Appetite!!

Renee said...

our library too..is totally empty of Julie/Julia books, and no "My Life In France" :(
I think, after reading your review, I will just buy my own copy! And then, maybe, just maybe, "Mastering the Art of French Cooking"!

ps. did you buy yours, or borrow from the library?

Enjoying Life said...

I SO agree with you about this book. Having studied French for years in high school, I really enjoyed trying to breakdown the various French phrases! This book is SO elegant and quirky.

Thank you for your blog. I find it as a total inspiration. I showed my fiancé the post that you wrote about why you are a homemaker and explained that this is why I want to be his wife. I am completely captivated :) Thank you for sharing your faithful journey.

haley said...

i can't believe how much meryl and stanley really look like them.



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