February 11, 2010
today at preschool we frosted and sprinkled. played and partied. wore pink. and there were hugs. there are always hugs. and i got a sackful of valentine candies that i don't need, but will inevitably end up eating. at least all the chocolate pieces, that is. ps. thank you all for the happy cheers as i step onto the sewing scene!


Mom Judy said...

Summer, are the Valentine cookies on your new pink dishes? It looks so Valentiney.

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Pink dishes. Valentine cookies. Perfect! :-)

Lauren :) said...

there is nothing like a great big hug from your favorite preschoolers~!

Christina said...

"like" (just like on Facebook; sometimes that's all you need to say) : )

natalie said...

what a pretty picture!



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