March 10, 2010
good news for people who fancy some luscious zucchini bread.
when i get home from preschool, i'm going to share the recipe.
see you this afternoon!


Renee said...

can't wait! wish I had some zucchini on hand to make a loaf today!

natalie said...

i think my craving just changed from carrot cake to zucchini bread! wow, that looks so tasty and that's saying something coming from a prego lady. :)

Katherine said...

Oh zucchini bread - the most wonderful of all sweet breads! Do put raisins in yours?

Jackie N said...

I just found your blog and I must say I'm in love! Tried your homemade tomato soup tonight, simply delicious. Keep it up!

Kathleen said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE zucchini bread (or pumpkin bread, or banana bread, etc.) – it’s one of my favorite treats to make. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

Speaking of yummy treats - the advertising agency I work at is looking for a few bloggers to review one of our dessert products, and I was wondering if you'd be interested. If so, can you send me an email address I can send you some details at, and then you can decide if you'd like to take part? We'll also send you some full value coupons so you can try the products, and some extra for you to give away to your readers if you'd like. You can email me at if you'd like to hear more - thanks for your time! :-)




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