May 24, 2010
my friends were just here for a visit.
while they were here, we did our usuals. we talked for hours. literally. we made mac and cheese, sat on blankets on the floor, and shared what God has been doing in our lives. we spent a morning on youtube, talking about justin bieber and how much we love regina spektor, and confessed that we buy songs just because of that one part we really like. we went for a walk to tour my town. we picked dead dandelions and pretended to be belle in that one scene of beauty and the beast. we talked wedding things and discussed the lost art of the rsvp. we watched an alfred hithcock film (of course).
it reminded me of vintage sleepovers. we really had amazing sleepovers. the only difference now is texting has entered the picture. nowadays, cell phones sit around the room with us, buzzing and chiming as the talk flows. i'm amazed at how artfully these girls flick their fingers around their phones whilst keeping in the conversation. i realized, wow. my friends are so cool and connected. {and here i sit, feeling like a stick-in-the-mud and wondering when texting will enter my life for real.}
it was the perfect little pow-wow before haley gets married. these are girls of incredible quality. every time i'm with them, i'm reminded of it. and i love how much the same we all are. we're truly birds of a feather.


Sarah T. said...

Love it! I was waiting for this. I knew you'd sum every thing up so beautifully.

Eeny said...

girls time is the best.

Christina said...

Sounds soooooo fun! I <3 texting. I didn't think I would at all, but "all" my friends text, and Benjamin got me an unlimited texting plan. Now I wonder what I did without it. You'll like it too when your turn comes. : )

kristin said...

i mainly started texting because my babysitters reply to that more than when i call them. it works great.

not sure if i would be on the band wagon otherwise. i am not super great on it!

what a blessed time with friends!!!

ChelseaF said...

How fun! Love the pics (gorgeous skinny ladies' jeans), love the description (almost made me want texting...almost), love this blog!

marta said...

oh summer, this post made me think of a favorite quote..

"We are each of us angels with only one wing. And we can only fly by embracing each other." - Comte de Bussy-Rabutin

leni said...

i loved this post and the pictures were perfect.

Hannah said...

What a beautiful post. It's such a wonderful feeling to know that you understand oneanother's hearts, isn't it?
I'm in the process of designing rsvp cards for my wedding, knowing that it's a lost art, and hoping that by giving people a card to send back, they might do just that!



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