May 27, 2010
you knew it was coming..
let me show you around..
we interrupt our usual programming for the following promotion..
do you want to send your kids to a great camp this summer? come to camp shetek! it's a magical place. the food is homemade, the people are friendly, the cabins are rustic, the games are intense, and God does great things in our hearts! and sometimes, people fall in love. (like me!)
basically, this camp is amazing and i just want everyone to be able to come. you know i'm going to be there! for more information or to print a registration form, check out our site. and you can email me if you have questions. look for another camp post in the near future, where i will talk about the upcoming move to camp.


Eeny said...

Wow Camp Shetek looks like an awesome place.
Can you imagine I never went to camp?! Camps are just not that common here as they are in the US.

brlracincwgrl said...

That place looks absolutely beautiful! So peaceful :)

Amanda said...

I honestly think I've been there before! I used to live in Mankato for 13 years and I think my family went to Lake Shetek a couple times :)

Anonymous said...

does that slide go into the lake?! crazy fun. beautiful pictures, summer!!

ps. i'm waiting for the next installment of your love story...

madelino said...

i know! im so looking forward to camp!!!! ^ _ ^

Nicole said...

I found your blog through hopping around and I must say that these pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! God truly is the greatest artist!



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