October 7, 2008
Aside from my list, I just have some occurrences to share. The past two days at my house have been... unusual. Yesterday I felt trapped and listless in my own house because 2 plumbers were here (in my kitchen, which is right next to my bathroom, which doesn't have a locking door) from 9 am to 2 pm. Meaning I could not take a shower or clean or bake or do laundry. Basically I was confined to the least productive areas of my house. So, after they vacated the premises, I raced to get cleaned up and out the door for an appointment with my eye doctor (no small matter for me- I loathe going to the eye doctor).
Then today, our city did not have water. For the whole day. Again, that meant that I could not do my laundry (which is usually done on Mondays), I could not mop, I could not do my dishes, take a shower, etc. Thank goodness we had hand sanitizer. On top of this, I had a dentist appointment today. Going to the dentist when the city has no water is a very awkward and old-fashioned experience.
Happily, these two days are over and done with. I have new contacts and a clean mouth (no cavities!). And I have these beautiful yellow ash trees to greet me as I walk out my front door. Alas, my house is still dirty, but that can be put to rights tomorrow. These days make me thankful for the mundane privileges/blessings I overlook each day as I go about my routine.
Can't wait to get back to regularity!


Tesa said...

Hi, Summer! I am in a Bible study with your Mom this fall, and she recently mentioned that you had started a blog. I've been visiting for several days now, and I must say that I LOVE reading your entries! What beautiful perspectives on simple things that make life lovely. Thanks for sharing your joys with your readers!

Jan said...

Seriously. How much you did learn today about the value of H2O. Isn't it amazing how much we do take for granted. We have no idea how it would really be to go without for days or months or never. Some still do not have water in their lives. But the difference there is, they never had it, so they don't miss what they never had. We would. We are so blessed.

Renee said...

"count it ALL joy"... glad you found something "winsome" in your trying day!
The trees look gorgeous! What a view to look at each day! Enjoy the beauty of the season!

Casey said...

thanks so much for your nice comments on my blog... i wish i had trees like that down here in texas!! we just settle for any cold front that comes our way... :)



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