October 27, 2008
while thrifting this weekend, i found these sweet retro coffee cups.
the cashier told me that she thought they were overpriced.
she gave them to me for 25 cents each.
i left with a huge smile.
on a different note...
today I received a most basic and most meaningful encouragement card in the mail from my faithful friend Rebecca.
the construction was kept to a lovely 9 word total. (including greeting and signing off)
a goal i have set for myself today is to write more letters like this.
purposefully short, sincere, and extremely uplifting.
thanks, Bec.


Sara Christine said...

Those coffee cups are so fun! And 25 cents each? I am jealous of your thrifting skills. :)

Rachel said...

You lucky thing! Those cups are adorable, and such a steal.

haley said...

LOVE the picture. and those cups are amazing. you are going to be such a cool grandma someday.

madeline said...

those coffee cups are cool!
-madeline harms



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