November 30, 2008
Home from the holiday.
Mom and Dad's house was just as wonderful and welcoming and comforting as ever, but it feels good to be back. I realized today that this little apartment is truly starting to feel like it belongs to me and I belong here: when I walked in the door, I caught a whiff of something very familiar... I recognized it to be the scent of home.
Home has a very distinct aroma. With time you learn to perceive it, with more time you identify with it, and after still more time you become oblivious to it again. At least that is the cycle that I have experienced. I think right now I am in between the perceiving and identifying with stages.
i am also..
pleased to be making progress with adjusting to a whole new life.
stuffed with enough good food to last until the next time I put my feet under Mom's table.
excited to get started on my Christmas decorating.
blessed to have a fridge filled with favors sent home with me by my parents.
thrilled to be listening to Christmas music.
relieved that the stockings were found.
delighted with the solace and stability of a husband.
thankful for a peaceful and happy thanksgiving with my wonderful family
p.s. mom's pumpkin pie was especially beautiful (not to mention delicious) this year thanks to her handy work with these


Jan said...

Sounds like a piece of heaven. Isn't it great how smell is such a big part of our lives in remembering things? Such a great time you had.

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful! And I know what you mean about how it's nice to be with the rents, but also nice to get back home to your own space.

And I am SO desperate for those cutters. Thanks for the link!

You are my fave... said...

Home does have a specific aroma. I just love Thanksgiving.

I'm glad you liked your surprise.



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