December 12, 2008
i'm playing hostess for the weekend.
my sister Haley is making the journey to cold Minnesota to visit us today. Way to brave the snow, sis. I can't wait for her to get here and make our spirits bright.
Haley, if our house had a guest room, I would set the latest issue of People magazine on your nightstand, along with a couple of cherry barber poles and a box of original Nips. Your bed would be dressed with cozy flannel sheets in a snowflake print & topped off with an ivory down comforter. I would drape my favorite Christmas blanket from Grandma's house over the end of your bed and fluff the mountain of pillows until they were puffed and primped to the max. I would make sure you had an open outlet so that you can lap-top away while you sit up in bed and would light up a fraser fir candle and our mini Christmas tree on top of the mahogany chest of drawers in the corner.
lacking such a room, I have nothing more to offer you than layers upon layers of blankets to keep you warm and snug on the couch. And hot meals, and supplies for making Christmas cookies, and a little shop to sip our coffee in, and a forecast of snow, and an eager sister who is waiting to welcome you in.
come quick before the flakes start to fall!


Renee said...

Love those outfits! It's even more hilarious that you are wearing them in Dallas!!
Hope you all have a great weekend!
(and get home safely!)

Rachel said...

Don't tell me that's you guys! It's way too adorable. Those snowsuits are cracking me up.

haley said...

i miss you already. :-( next time i come, i'm staying for a month.

Courtney said...

What a sweet sister, both for what you dreamed of offering and what you actually did (which I think sounded absolutely perfect!) I hope you all had a wonderful weekend together.

Quelly said...

I found your sweet blog on Marta's blog and am thoroughly enjoying your archives.
Goodness gracious - I want to be a guest in your house - even sleeping on the couch with lots of blankets and yummy food sounds just delightful.



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