December 23, 2008
This is the most wonderful time of the year.
This is also the time of year that I am very aware of an underlying struggle within me.
I don't think I have yet expressed to you how much I love Christmas.
Sure, I've talked about it, but everybody talks about it.
Some people talk about it but aren't necessarily into it-- I'm into it.
Christmas is in fact, my weakness.
I love it all. I adore each and every tradition. I am smitten with the music, the food, the merriment, the anticipation, the stockings, the gift giving & receiving, the general holiday glow that takes over the world. Everyone seems a bit more united in their interests, which excites me. And I should tell you, I am positively infatuated with Christmas lights. They make me feel exhilarated and protected, as if all is right with the world. Maybe that is how the wise men felt when they saw the star in the East, guiding them to the place where their Savior was to be born.
I confess that I start to feel slightly spoiled this time of year simply because I am surrounded by all of my favorite things. I feel as if I have suddenly let go of all restraint and given in to every luxury my heart desires. But I haven't! I've just put up some christmas lights in my house and a mini christmas tree in my bedroom and some garland by the window!
All these charming, familiar, beautifying aspects that have come to be associated with this holiday... I love them, but along with them comes an annual mental battle. Trying not to lose sight of why I am baking and decorating and wrapping. I never want to get caught up with things and lose myself in the commercialism like Charlie Brown's well-known friends. I want these things (including my brand new tree) to make me think of why we are rejoicing and giving and singing and praising and celebrating.
May your holiday be filled with merry things, but may they all remind you of this: the root of all this glory and happiness is the ultimate gift of our Lord.
Joy to the world, the Lord is come. Let Earth receive her King.


please sir said...

I love this time of year too! Happy Holidays!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Merry Christmas. I share your delight. I am trying to figure out how to keep it the whole year through without keeping up my tree that long.:0) Love your blog.

Elisabeth said...

i'm blessed by your reminder of why. of our King. and blessed by your honour to Him. merry christmas to you and yours!

notebookdoodles said...


i tagged you in my blog! i hope you can do it =)


natalie said...

was this taken in your house? what a cute decoration, you're so creative!



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