January 22, 2009
things I tried this week...
for tip-top toasting & sturdy peanut butter spreading
mmm, mmm good.
french bread dipped in balsamic vinegar 
grant loves this & wanted me to try it too... let's just say it's not my favorite thing, but hey, at least I tried it!
strawberry mustard sandwich dressing
so the other day I tried a bite of a turkey panini with this spread on it & it was really yummy.
It looked like it was just mustard combined with strawberry jelly, so yesterday I thought I'd try to recreate it. Happily, it worked. 
Just mix a little dab of strawberry jam into your dijon mustard for a tangy twist to your turkey. 
to come this weekend...
from last week...
sauteed mushrooms on my pizza
and I liked them. aren't you proud of me, mom?


The City Sage said...

Wow you've been busy! Very inspiring---and that mustard/strawberry spread sounds brilliant on a turkey sandwich! I'll bet it's really tasty with cherry preserves too.

Okay, now I'm hungry for lunch and it's only 10:30!

Renee said...

Yes, I'm very proud of you! Now we can order Val's special, and you'll love it! I will have to try that wheat bread..it looks wonderful!

{michelle} said...

Wow, you are quite the chef! Something I aspire to be.

haley said...

last night, we had chili for dinner, and i was reminded of the BEST CHILI I'VE EVER HAD, when you and mom threw some together on christmas. and then i realized that it can probably never be recreated, and it made me sad. but i added a couple squirts of honey to my bowl, and it was pretty good. surprisingly. try it. chelsea wouldn't. but you should.



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