February 19, 2009
another post v-day post.
this is the last one, i promise.
see that circular object, topped with cream & spotted with m&m's,
the thing next to the strawberries?
that, my dear readers, is a pie. and not just any pie- a peanut butter pie.
we should get one thing straight; you won't find many pies in this place.
cookies, cakes, brownies... yes, please. pie? no, thank you.
unless, of course, it is filled with chocolate or peanut butter.
then I'm totally into it.
this is what i made for my valentine.
because i am not afraid of keebler ready crust.
because my man prefers peanut butter desserts.
because there's no shame in pudding pies.
because i had plenty of reese's to pack into it.
because we both like it. (me= too selfish)
because it is chocolate & vanilla.
because it serves up cold & creamy.
because it's as good the next day, or maybe even better.


Tesa said...

there is nothing better than making something special to share with your sweetie!

by the way, I LOVE what you have done on your new side bar!! very nice.

Katherine said...

I randomly clicked on your link from a comment that you left on "Oh Hello Friend" and ohhhh, we have lots in common! Being newlywed is so much fun, isn't it?



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