February 13, 2009
today grant & I woke up at 5:30.
he started singing "this is the day" & I joined in.
are you impressed by our early morning skills & stamina?
this is not a normal occurrence, but this day is for celebrating.
the preschool job is over, i had a lot of fun.
week is almost done.
basketball practice officially ends today- no more 5:30 am alarm.
will be off on an extended date with grant this weekend.
packing, prepping, leaving!
hit the gym before 7 am this morning. 
today is a good day.
I am seriously happy about the fact that this week I was able to once again participate in the valentine ritual that takes place in a classroom. 
make a valentine "mail box." 
write the name of each of your classmates on a perforated card with Troy Bolton or Transformers on the front.
bring to school & pass out
carry home a stash of sugar. 
no winning, earning, or deserving involved.
I truly love that Valentine's Day has become so popular & significant that it is worthy of being celebrated within school hours. yay.
I'm glad that it's observed by one & all. This morning I received a valentine package from my mother-in-law, a lovely brown paper bag loaded with our favorites. yay! Now, there's nothing Hallmark about that. (.. for those of you who are of the opinion that valentine's day is nothing but scheme cooked up by a greeting card co.) 
I'm glad that it's a day set apart for those in love. yay! Romance in its purest form. Love at its prime. 
It's such a versatile holiday!
It's the ultimate excuse holiday.
You now have an excuse to buy candy, or go out, or get flowers, or blow up balloons, or bake a cake. Or send a note, or light candles, or spritz on extra perfume. Or wear a dress & heels.
Make it whatever you want it to be.
Happy Valentine's Day!
ps. a quote from the week with 4 & 5 year olds...
"I'm never gonna go to Florida because I always go to the YMCA."
their logic is quite clever, isn't it?


Rachel said...

It sounds like a great day!
I think the whole reason I love Valentine's Day is because of those little mailboxes in elementary school. I loved exchanging cards with everyone.

stina1125 said...

oh summer... i generally despise this holiday... but this just makes me giggle like a little girl in a pink shirt, a decorated cereal box loaded with heart-shaped chocolates and dreams of pink carnations.

Kristi said...

I love everything "Valentiny". Pink and red hearts, candy, love notes, flowers.
I hope you have a great time with your sweetheart.
I love reading your blog!

Rebecca said...

Summer! I wish we had written down all the quotes from teaching 2 & 3 year old SS!! I can't remember a single one now. Except once Josh said something about falling into hell. His theology was a little mixed up I guess.



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