March 13, 2009
this was the very first picture we ever took together.
boyfriend & girlfriend. 
at a backyard party with some camp staff.
i don't know what made us do the ridiculous model pose,
but we've stuck with it. this is now our classic photo stance.
we like to make fun of ourselves.
the pose was most likely a result of us being really nervous 
as neither of us are crazy comfortable in front of a camera
then add our friends watching us from the deck
& then add the pressure of it being your first ever photo op as a couple
we were trying desperately to act casual about it
i'm surprised i relaxed enough to sport this smirk
i was blushing. and dying to see what we looked like together.
it just so happens that the lovely lady who took this photo is my friend Kaitlin
it just so happens that she was also our wedding photographer
it just so happens that i've now been married to this boyfriend for 307 days
i can't wait for him to get home from work.
can't wait to make melts & catch up on lost.
can't wait for whatever the weekend holds.
because the weekend means more of grant.
and more of grant is always a good thing.
in the words of miss joss stone.. i'm addicted to my man.
can't believe i get to see him everyday. for the rest of my life.
ps. no, we did not plan to wear coordinating striped polos. it just happened.


jerseyandmilan said...

aww you guys are so adorable! defs a pretty couple - and im super jealous your hair is so cool

notebookdoodles said...

aaaaaaww that is the sweetest post ever!!


Robynn's Ravings said...

Ah young sweet....darling pic and says a lot - you describe much of it!

Found you from PW's site while scouting around. Lovely blog!

Blessings to you! :)

Bryant said...

either this is ironic or you had that post at 3:07 pm for 307 days of being married. that's what time my RSS feeder picked up this blog.

on another note, happy pi day! 3.14

Blair said...

oh, so sweet summer! I love that picture (and the pose!)

pve design said...

sweet does not even sum this up.
and you both look so hot.
even though I know deep down you are both just a classy couple.
keep on truckin..

You are my fave... said...

Model poses are the best. I hate every photo of myself if I'm not doing something silly. This one's a classic.

Mrs. Buck said...

this picture is rediculously awesome! This is such a great post, can we see a "now" pic of you guys in this pose?



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