April 22, 2009
woke up this morning with a big birthday stretch.
put on some birthday blue sweats.
read a birthday text message.
sent grant to work with a birthday kiss.
made some birthday scrambled eggs.
drank some birthday coffee.
and now have the birthday caffeine shakes.
today we get a little bit older.
and for the first time ever in our lives, my twin sis & i will be apart on our birthday. no lipstick- penned happy birthday greeting on the mirror in the bathroom that we share. not this year. how strange it feels to celebrate my birthday. just me. on my own. happy birthday, dear summer? i've never heard those words sung before. not without haley's name ringing out behind mine. blow out my own candles? by myself? heaven and earth! that's just unthinkable.
haley's my first friend. my number one. my roommate. my wombmate. my sidekick. i can't do this birthday thing without her. what is the world coming to?
but.. i suppose the show must go on. we must grow up. birthdays must continue to come. let's just hope that when they do, they will occasionally find the two of us together. and by occasionally, i mean regularly. many a time. lots of times. again and again.
hello, hales.
happy birthday to us! i miss you.
i wish we could put on our party dresses and make a merry day of it. wish we could get dolled up. throw on some heels, tease our hair, go dramatic on the eyes, and slip out to the french cafe. we could use our almost-forgotten french & eat creme brulee to our hearts' content. maybe next year? i am wishing you the happiest of days.. even if it is without me. live it up. make it grand. be extravagant. please join me today as i'm indulging. i will be doing the following..
01. using new splurged-upon shampoo and conditioner.
02. running my heart out.
03. eating like a king. (burgers @ the hub tonight.)
04. feeling like a queen. (spritzing queen for a day thickening spray.)
05. wearing capris and flip-flops. this is a big deal.
06. spending a lavish amount of time scrolling through google reader.
07. toting raisinets for the movie grant is taking me to.
08. sporting a fresh coat of fuschia power on my fingers and toes.
09. doing the extra extra long shower. getting an extra close shave.
10. toning down the to-do list. turning up the music.
so, dear sister of mine who happens to be the same age as me minus seven minutes, have a marvelous day. i love you.
happy birthday!
ps. me on the left, haley on the right


Kelli said...

Happy Birthday! I LOVE birthdays. Spoil yourself.

Christina said...

Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a simply lovely day.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! hope you have a fabulous day!!

mj said...

hope you have a funfilled, happy happy birthday! :)

Bekah: said...

I hope you have a lovely day. "Be extravagant." Love it.

lucinda said...

have a fabulous day summer! happy birthday!

erin elizabeth king said...

happy birthday summer (& haley)!! hope your day is delightful : )

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Summer!! I didn't realize your sis was also your twin... and I can only imagine how strange it must be to celebrate without her. I hope you have to most wonderful day even if you have to do it without her. xo

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday, Summer! And to Haley too.

made sweet said...

summer! you are AMAZING! thanks so much for the birthday wishes. It was so very sweet of you. :)

I hope your day was wonderful, and that this year is your best one yet. I have a feeling it's going to be a good one...

Ash said...

Again, happy belated birthday! Sounds like you treated yourself well--the best part about a birthday.

marta said...

oh happy birthday girl. am loving this story of your wombmate. i want to know more about being a twin. parent trap is my dream movie and i've always wanted to be a twin. there is magic in twinness.

love that grant treated you like royalty. so cute.. summy.

i love it.
happy birthday.

Kerri Lynne said...

Happy (Belated) Birthday! I'd have wished you a happy birthday on time but you actually share a birthday with my boyfriend!

Sophie said...

happy birthday, summer!
my birthday is coming up, too!



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