April 29, 2009
because they came! 
my brand new bought with birthday bucks shoes.
thanks, mom & dad. you have always rocked in the gift area.
i'm so happy with them. they fit like a dream.
and they're even prettier than i thought they'd be.
after all that deliberating over the select six
of course, i end up with a completely different pair. 
i had never seen these before.. they looked just right.
and they were on sale. perfect. sold. 
here's hoping for a few good hundred miles together.
proper miles. with no shin splints or sore knees.
make me proud. make me keep up my end of this deal.
now, go forth and conquer.


Kelli said...

Those are adorable. I have no idea about proper running shoes, but I'm sure they will treat you well. Keep it up, maybe it'll motivate me...I need some motivation!

Tesa said...

I am due (okay-- overdue) for a new pair myself. Thanks for the good review on your new pair-- they look great!

Judy said...

Nice shoes- I couldn't tell what brand they are. Isn't that how it goes, you study and study and narrow it down and then out of nowhere- there they are.

made sweet said...

this is crazy weird.
so i just had to tell you...
i have those exact shoes—except mine are orange,
and that exact pair of spandex.
no kidding.
i seriously would have believed someone had they said that was a pic of me.
and we have the same birthday?
like i said...

ps. you're gonna love the shoes.

haley said...

oooooo theyre cute

im using no punctuation just to bug you cuz i love you



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