May 22, 2009
we're heading into the home stretch now. after today, grant will be a mere 3 days away from singing school's out for summer. and on friday next, we leave for sunny california. our first vacation as a married couple. yay. we're starting off the summer by flying away to the spot where grant lived when we first started writing letters to each other. he's going to show me all the places where he worked and played and even some places where he thought about me. and i will get to drive along the street where he was driving when he dialed my number for the first time ever. and we'll be visiting his wonderful family that took such good care of him while he was out there on his own. hooray! i love the belmonts.
now that it's only a week away, it's time i start getting geared up to go. i've already emailed grant at work and asked if we can talk cali stuff all weekend long. i'm hoping for a big, long talk-out of all the details. all the plans. i want to get the adventure all built up in my mind so that there's really no room for anything else. looking forward to the vacation is half the fun. besides talking the talk, i need to pick out what to pack up. this weekend i am going shopping to find some new perfume or lotion to take along with me. my mom taught me this little trick. when we took a family vacation to laguna beach a few years ago, she bought a new bottle of perfume to wear while she was there. now whenever she smells that scent, it takes her back to our happy stay in the oc. i want to create my own scent memory for california this time. and lastly, i'm planning on clearing out and padding up my little shuffle. i'm going to stuff it with new songs. it's important for me to have mint condition playlists when i take a trip. the brand new beats get stuck in the corners of my mind and make traveling much more magical. happily, my favorite dj just hooked me up with a bunch of new-to-me songs while she stayed at my house. i will keep you posted on the ones i decide to put on my cali soundtrack. 
not only am i excited about going to california, i am excited about how we are getting there. is anyone else as smitten with airports and terminals and take-offs as me? when i walk into an airport, i can hardly contain my joy. i play it cool and act all-business, like all everyone else streaming past me, but inside i am blissed out. there's no greater feeling than holding onto my ticket that's going to take me away. maybe to some wondrous place. there's nothing better than sitting in a row of chairs, a giant window looming in front of me, planes rolling in, unfamiliar faces all around, and my ipod in my ear. remind me to pack a notebook. this time around, i'm going to write about my airport experience. hopefully it's just as magnificent as it's always been. 
wish me luck as i pack. i am a terrible packer. i am slow and unsure. and i usually go overboard. i really should start the process right now and give myself plenty of time to think it through.
thanks to frau, my first commenter on this post, who graciously passed along a great travel tip for me! that made me realize how much i forget about those li'l airport glitches. all those rules. oh my. if you guys have any more travel pointers for me, please do share. i would hate to be caught off guard when i get there. 
hoping for a lovely last week of regular life. happy weekend everybody! 


Frau said...

Have a great trip!! Make sure and pack light or weigh your luggage. My hubby just got back from trip and they charged him $90 for being overweight by 4 lbs.

leni said...

so cute! my hometown is fresno (right next to clovis). i'm sure you'll have a great time! be sure to pack for warm weather!

Riss said...

i love that you pick out a new perfume or lotion for a special trip! i do the same exact thing, and i thought i was the only one! it really does make the experience so much more magical - you have something special and new to wear while you're there, and after you get home you can relive all the excitement and memories every time you put it on! just don't forget to pack it in your carry-on if it's over 3 oz. you don't want some security guard enjoying your brand new perfume!

Ash said...

Oh my goodness, I love California so much. I'm going to be there, too, but I'm driving with my family and we're going to Anaheim (and we won't get there until Monday, June 1st).

That is a really good idea about the new scent thing. Songs do that for me... there's a certain song I listen to, and it takes me right back to the sunset strip in early spring--and the air smelled like orange blossoms. It was so wonderful! I think perhaps I'll try your smell-good trick!

Jessica said...

I'm glad that someone likes airplanes and airports. I quite dislike them and I hate flying. : (

Jillian said...

I can't say that I'm as giddy about travel as you are, at least I'm not anymore. Taking 5000 mile plane trips four times a year kinda takes it out of you. Your enthusiasm is adorable though!

Travel tips:
- Liquids in your carry on cannot exceed three ounces and must placed in a quart-sized clear plastic bag. They're sticklers for this one, and you don't want them taking away your new perfume!
- Your tendency to overpack is shared by many -- lay out everything you want, then take away about half. Charges for overweight luggage are ridiculous! (As Frau mentioned).
- As a corollary: look up the luggage regulations for your airline. A lot of them are charging for any and all checked luggage these days, so make sure you've got the cash if that's the case.
- Don't wear complicated shoes to the airport; you have to take them off to go through security.

Hope those were helpful and you have a great time on your trip! Some California sun seems like the perfect antidote for your long winter!

Debra said...

I love the excitement of your vacation. The only other tip- I always pack a light-weight tote bag right in my luggage-this way I have a way to carry special treats and momentos, gifts etc. from my trip. Great idea on the new perfume-I'll remember that!

Anonymous said...

Aw, I love the idea of a new place/new scent tradition--I'm definitely going to try that out this summer.

Meanwhile, vacation playlists are a must. Right now I'm completely obsessed with "Knock You Down" by Keri Hilson and Kanye West--my own sister sent it my way, actually. Definitely a roll-down-the-windows-and-love-on-your-boy type of song.

Have fun, lady!



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