September 18, 2009
hi, i'm summer and i use pancake mixes. only sometimes.
pancakes are not my weakness and i do not eat them like a mad woman or rave about them or make them twice a week or crave them or choose them over french toast. and i do not like apples in my breakfast pastries. i just don't do hot chunks of apples. i should not like these pancakes. but i do. they must be magic.
so please, pretty please, the next time you find yourself with an extra $4.00, go to target and dash to the aisle with the pancake mixes. pick out the archer farms apple streusel pancake + waffle mix. race home and whip them up. they will be perfectly decadent with fruity cinnamon sweetness and you will want every pancake you ever eat to have streusel in it. forever. the end.
ps. fyi, marta and i are talking about something over here today.


Mom Judy said...

When I don't make fresh stone ground whole wheat pancakes, then I use a Krustez brand pancake mix. I am willing to try the Archer Farms one just because of your cute apron ad.

Nessa said...

I love Archer Farms... those sound yummy

my sister-in-law makes cream cheese syrup... I think it is just cream cheese, powered sugar and milk/water to thin - I bet that would be so great on these!

Hil said...

Came over from lovely Marta's blog. I am also a pancake mix junkie. People judge me. But, there are some delicious ones out there that take about half the time as homemade!

ellen said...

No pie or cobbler?!

Anneliese said...

i love a good pancake mix. but i do always (secretly) hope that my mom doesn't find out i'm using one :)

Jen said...

Don't feel too bad. I found a miracle product for lazy (I mean busy) ladies called Batter Blaster. It's like one of those big cans of whipped cream except it's pancake batter. GENIOUS. That way when my little one wants pancakes I don't get too upset about a whole ton of leftover batter. You just rinse off the tip and put it back in the fridge. No shame Summer, if anyone should be shamed, it's me. With my "squirtable" pancake mix.

Christina said...

:D I use plain ol' pancake mix when I'm camping, and in that setting it tastes marvelous. Maybe I should try yours next time; I'm sure it would taste gourmet. They sound good. Oh, and though I'm not generally a mix sort of girl, when I make brownies, I usually use mixes. (gasp)

Ash said...

Firstly, thanks for voting and your input--I sincerely appreciate it!

Secondly, I don't like hot fruit chunks in my food either. It really weirds me out.

ALFIE said...

these pancakes are amazing---i must agree.

I also love the blueberry ones...topped with archer farms organic medium maple syrup!

kOrTnI said...

sorry to be so delayed and so nosy. but i absolutely heart your blog and most of all, you're pier/camp pictures. excuse me, but do you mind me asking, where in the world that is? i dream of going somewhere similar someday. please help.

Casey said...

mmm. pancakes. we were just talking about yummy pancakes today. we will have to try those. thanks for your nice comments on my blog!



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