September 21, 2009
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hello, hi and happy monday. i hope you all had a smashing weekend. for me, today is the first day that finally and sincerely feels like fall. it is cooler + cloudier and rain has been falling and enya has been playing and it is looking more brownish than greenish outdoors. yep, totally fall.
i never think that i will be happy about fall. it has to follow summer's amazing act, and i doubt that fall will ever measure up to it. but every year i am proven wrong. fall is nice. not quite as nice as summer, but way nicer than i ever give it credit for. i wake up every morning to the marching band parading by my house and i send grant off to work with a kiss and a brown bag lunch and i see the school buses go rolling along and kids with backpacks on bikes and the elderly couple that makes a 9:00 stroll to the post office. or maybe it's the bakery. wherever it is, they always come back with a newspaper. and of course, the leaves are starting to turn yellow and the mums are up and out and the first harvest pumpkins and squash appeared at the farmers' market last week. and the farmers can be seen working in the fields all the live long day. it is just good, wholesome season-changing these days. there's something in the air that makes me want to cook and craft and read and write and do all things domestic.
i've found that i can almost completely cure my it's true, summer's gone blues with a cinnamon candle. first of all, is there anything better than the smell of a match when you strike it? i cannot think of a single thing. anyway, when i light that baby up, it instantly puts me in the mood for cool weather. and suddenly my home is cozier. and i'm cheerful. and i look on the bright side. and i wouldn't mind snow in september. and the world is a better place. try it. maybe you fancy harvest spice or baked apple pie, mm. those would be marvelous. my jar of cinnamon bliss is almost gone and i'm concerned about finding replacement soon. maybe i will splurge on a big one that will last me all winter long. ooh that would be a dream.
in other news, i've got a couple projects on my hands and strawberries in the fridge and lots of exciting things to pray about and cilantro for our mock chipotle burritos tonight and a husband to greet soon. must be going.


Renee said...

yes, fall is simply...cozy time! And your home sounds just like that! Am enjoying the smell of "autumn harvest" by...yankee, and soon, the first loaf of pumpkin bread for the season!

Donna said...

Fall is my favorite time of year!!! Still waiting for the cool air to kick in here...and I have the best candles ever...Paddywax - I sell them to all my clients...made in USA, soy based and they smell heavenly - if you are looking for "cinnamon" Quince Spice is the way to go!!! They come in a range of different sizes - priced from $12 up...

Christina said...

Today is one of our first real autumnish days. It's perfect. It was just a little frosty this morning, but it's warm enough this afternoon. The sky is a deep autumny azure. Next week I'll be making cinnamony apple butter to scent my house without pulling out my cinnamon candle. And soon I'll be able to crunch through piles of leaves as I savor their intoxicating spicy smell mixed with a slight tang of woodsmoke. Oh yeah. Autumn is my favorite. I'm glad you're enjoying it too. :D

Audra said...

You described my feelings about fall exactly! You just have a much better way with words than me... Thanks! I'm motivated to go work on supper and clean my house now-it feels SO good! The weather helped immensely, too. I feel so much more productive on crappy weather days. It excites me.

Ash said...

I love the way you write.

I guess fall is good. I tend to go into fall with my heels dug into the ground... I resist. The last couple of years have been hard for me (especially the fall), but this year is really looking up. Happy day!

Anneliese said...

i love yankee candles. but you know what else i have found (for more seasonal, when you don't want a huge jar) are the febreeze candles. i know, right? my cousin had one...and i couldn't believe how amazing it was! they have a fall one now...i'm kicking myself for not picking it up while i was at target the other day...



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