September 28, 2009
martha is an exciting addition to my mailbox every month (i am surprised that i am one of the luckies who gets to say that. grant really spoiled me with this one), but i don't think i would feel the same about this magazine if they ever got rid of the cookie of the month page. it is at the very back, but i think it is very best. i hold my breath for it every time i flip through. the other night i spread out the 2009 issues in front of me on the living room floor and played cut and paste. every cookie page was carefully removed and each one appointed a spot in my extra special for magazine recipes only notebook. i put the strawberry shortcake cookies first in line because i tried them when i was in california this summer and already know that they are for keeps. mmm.
recipe gathering sessions are very therapeutic for me. especially when they are all about cookies and include pretty pictures of cookies. {here is where i gush about cookies, because they are my favorite. cookies are small and simple and timeless and so do-able. if i had a shop, i would sell cookies there. i just got a new cookie sheet, so that i can make better, bigger cookies. cookies are my way of saying, grant, i really like you. cookies are the best. amen.} there is something so right about sitting on the floor with scissors and plastic sleeves and a stack of shiny, expensive paper. i think i could spend every evening situated just like that. even though i'm not clipping coupons, it makes me feel thrifty and constructive. and if i don't buy too many ingredients to make the recipes that i'm gathering, i will be thrifty after all.
ps. photos via the cookie of the day page, which i just added to my bookmarks. i think i'm going to check it out every morning. and i think i will feel better about the day knowing that there is a cookie assigned to it.


holly-lynn said...

i agree x10! i love recipes where i only need to pick up a few ingredients & the end result is a magnificent cookie! can't wait to see what you have for this fall!

{lauryl} said...

i have to agree 100% that cookies are absolutely the bestest ever. EVER.

ALFIE said...

the strawberry shortcake cookies are pretty much the greatest thing ever. whipped a batch up at the end of spring and loved them!

if you make them again, throw a few in the fridge. they were awesome chilled!

jessica said...

I love the cookie of page and I am pretty obsessed with the Martha Stewart website. I check it regularly and love it!

I just wanted to tell you how much I adore your blog. Your writing is very real. I feel like I know you and we would make great friends.

Donna said...

ohhh! please, please can you tell me the strawberry shortcake cookie recipe or point me in the right direction...they look delicious and that is one of my favorite desserts!

Anonymous said...

you're better than i- i can't wait for the whole magazine... the last page is the first for me, i think i judge the whole issue on what i think of the cookie :)

Anonymous said...

Summer! Can you talk to me about the strawberry shortcake cookies? Because I made them back in the spring and they were such smushy, epic fail that I wound up throwing most of them right in the trash. Tom ate one, to be nice. But mostly it was a sad day.



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