October 9, 2009
happy friday. it is perfect fall today and my mind is on wonderful things. good books and cleaning and the post office and research and a coming-up chat with mom. and i have cloudless blue sky and banana bread in my system with which to tackle these things.
the banana bread came from preschool yesterday, where we baked banana bread because we are studying the letter 'b' this week. how lucky are we? judy has the cutest mini loaf pans and i am itching to find one just like hers for not too much money. any suggestions for me on this? i am also looking out for a pastry cutter, perfect soda fountain glasses, a cookie scoop, a could-be-passed-on-through-the generations cookie press, a mini muffin pan, and just lately.. a waffle iron. but i'm not in any rush to have them. (neither am i dropping hints of gift ideas.) through the years i hope to find sweet deals as i scoop up all of these luxuries. acquiring the perfectly equipped kitchen must be done carefully, thoughtfully, and over the course of a lifetime, because it creates delightful memories (as in someday i might say, 'oh, remember when i didn't have that cuisinart food processor and did all my chopping by hand!') and requires way too much money to shell out in one sitting. so for now i will continue using a tablespoon to scoop my cookie dough and a fork to cut butter into flour and will only have waffles and christmas tree shaped spritz cookies from other people's kitchens and will eat regular-sized muffins and i will be happy about it! no pity for me, please.
the leaves are shedding like crazy this morning. really, there is a constant stream coming down from the maple trees that line our sidewalks. i can't get over how pretty they are when i can actually watch their short journey from the branch. they twirl and and tumble and glide with snowflakeish grace to the floor, where they are now building a carpet of yellow on the street corner. i am so happy to be sitting here right now. feels like i am witnessing the quintessential fall moment.
a look ahead to what is in store for the soontime..
1. i'm going to let a secret slip. (shh.. don't tell if you know!)
2. something that had better be at my library.
3. no school + a trip to my hometown. target and starbucks, here i come.
4. annual pumpkin carving contest. which i have yet to win. pretty please send ideas for my design!
5. 'create your own climate.'
have a weekend full of good fall, everyone.


John and Teresa said...

Ok, I cannot wait to know the secret. My mind is stirring with guesses and jumping to conclusions - which I shouldn't be doing!

A suggestion for your mini loaf pan search: Michael's has mini, white ceramic ones for only $1. Or 2. I have seen them there on several occasions.

Bluebelle said...

I don't know exactly what a waffle iron is but I bought my husband this waffle maker - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Krups-Waffle-Maker-Non-Stick/dp/B000T7A6J4 - for his birthday and it's great.

Anneliese said...

secrets give me the excited feeling. and....i don't really like knowing that there is a secret that i haven't been told what it is! so please, let us know! :) and if you want to spend $12...get the pampered chef cookie scoop. it is worth it. and i'm planning on it lasting for...well, forever!

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Your fall photos make my day. I only seen fall once in my life. I'm a Florida girl. Also, every single one of my friends is talking about banana bread. It is just that season and I love that! :-)

hannah :: sherbet blossom said...

i have this pan:

it works great!

excited for your announcement!

donya said...

A secret! So excited :)

Also, it really is a nice fall day out today in MN, isn't it? Enjoy it bc it is about to get cold. Oh well, that's what we Minnesotans get and must learn to love!

marta said...

hello summy summ. oh this one's a favorite. glad that B day was a blast. such darling ideas from you and miss harms.

01. okay, i found an awesome mini loaf pan that has eight tiny loaves in one sheet, it was at walmart a few years ago at this very time of year. mini loaves make such cute gifts/favors/surprises.

02. i have a dozen soda glasses from crate and barrel that have come in very handy. love them. they make very cute pudding parfaits for a dinner party. not to mention granola + yogurt + raspberry parfaits, brunch for two.

03. am in need of a cookie dough scoop myself, perhaps OXO brand has a good one.. they always make sturdy quality stuff.let me know what you find..

04. we are all hankering for that secret of yours. major cliffhanger.

wishing you a happy weekend of twirling leaves.

Donna said...

Target puts their waffles irons on sale on the time...I just got a Cuisineart and I LOVE it!!!! Can't wait to hear the secret!

pve design said...

I am a bad secret keeper, the entire world would know it already! (if it were me) Oh, and I cannot just have one piece of banana bread!



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