October 10, 2009
yesterday.. yellow. today.. white.
and so it begins. the first of many mornings that require running to the window.
happy first snow to everyone who got some!
grant and i are having nachos to celebrate.


Anneliese said...

summer! we got OUR first snow too!
now you don't feel so far from omaha :)

Kaitlyn Luce said...

90 here and it feels like 100. We are a long way from any sights like this.

Lauren :) said...

I love that mn has it's first snow.
It makes me smile & miss home.

ALFIE said...

ahhh...a beautiful dusting like this is perfect...but when the windshield scrapers and shovels come out--i get nervous. i hate driving in the sludge! i immediately revert to the "10 and 2" driving technique!

as for northface...looks like you might need one even more than i :) mine was $130. but it's quality is superb. and it's SO SO warm. definately one you can plan on having in the closet for years to come. a worthwhile investment for sure!

Christina said...

We beat you. We got our first snow on September 30. : ) It's a lovely thing, isn't it.

pve design said...

Snow! Wow, what a lovely photo to celebrate that first blanket of white!

ChelseaF said...

Addy said "Now I can wear my pink snow booties mom!", oh how I wish I was that excited to see snow in October. :) Enjoy!



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