November 9, 2009
deer hunting absolutely flew this year.. fast and fun.
the sun shined. cousins played. pies baked. football prevailed. many a doe was spotted. groves were flushed and fields were hunted. ann's sweet chicken tamales were savored. playdoh pictionary + four on a couch + tony's lattes transpired in the lounge. addie and symone smiled for my camera. and two buck are at the harms farm, ready to be butchered.
i got to see my husband at his manliest.
and camp shetek at its autumniest.
and the little ones walking about like that whole crawling phase never happened.
and my sisters in law being such sweet mothers.
and i got to 'walk the section' during naptime.
and chat on the sofas.
and eat seconds at every meal.
and accompany grant on a hunt.
and a good time was had by all.


natalie said...

sounds like loads of fun, summer! glad you had a good weekend. can't wait to see you later this month!

Renee said...

sounds wonderful! can't wait to see more pictures!

Amanda said...

what a fabulous way to spend a weekend...

Kaitlyn Luce said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I love four on a couch. So much fun!

notebook doodles said...

such adorable little girls :p

John and Teresa said...

oh my word, they are TOO cute!

Brea said...

cutie-pie girls!!! Oh, I miss them.



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