November 6, 2009
yep, you've got it.
it's the first weekend of deer hunting season and everybody is coming home for the holiday. each year, all the harms kids gather round for this auspicious event and we celebrate an early thanksgiving together. the boys go a-hunting and the girls bring fancy vittles and we have a grand old time. sometimes there are even bonfires and rootbeer tastings and heidi's famous orange scones. mmm.
deer hunting 2009 brings a good dry weather forecast for the hunters and round two of grandma marian's pie making class for the bakers. (which i am thrilled over. more practice, just in time for the holidays.) plus there will be lots of little nephews to hold and nieces to hug and sisters to talk with. i can't wait. the festivities begin tonight! woohoo.
the menu planning for this affair began weeks and weeks ago, but today it all finally comes together. today is baking day, guys. big time. i will be stationed in the kitchen, turning up the music, whipping up a collection of goodies, feeling that lovely 'almost-christmas' sensation, and relishing one of my last days sans dishwasher. (because one day i'm sure i will look back and long for the sweet times i had with this tiny little sink of mine, and the yummy palmolive smell + my yellow rubber gloves.)
recipes to come. you can count on it.
happy weekend and happy hunting.


Renee said...

sounds like a great weekend! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time with great food and fellowship! Oh yes....and wish Grant the best of luck in his hunting!!

leni said...

sounds like a fabulous weekend!

P.S. I'm on a mission to create the Ultimate Happy Playlist. Please stop by and let me know what song instantly makes you happy when you hear it!



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