November 19, 2009
hey, i found the camera cord! hooray. now i can upload photos again. maybe tomorrow i'll show you the mandatory with the sold sign picture we took on monday night. that one's always a classic. but for now i want to talk red flowers, food, and globes.
1. over the weekend i was at walmart (because there is no target around here. and i'm going to keep bringing it up until someone fixes this problem), where i spotted some glitzy poinsettia-like plants and thank heavens i had the sense to stop the cart. turns out they are amaryllis (please tell me you are thinking the music man at this word) and they will bloom all holiday season long and they were 50% off. wow. walmart, i'm impressed. so for a whopping $3.75 i got us a little housewarming gift-cum-deck the halls decor. i'm not the type to browse the lawn and garden section, so i'm feeling quite pleased with myself over this find. a flower that is easy to care for and will be pretty for 7-10 weeks? i'm in. maybe every november from now on.
2. grant and i are on the cereal and sandwich diet. i'm sure you've heard of it. it's all the rage at our house. it's the answer to all your problems when bestbuy drops the ball and leaves you in the lurch with no fridge or stove for your new house.
yes, it's a true story. i've been sparing you all the gruesome details over the past few weeks, but basically, bestbuy and i are not best friends right now. it's a supply and demand thing, complicated by thousands of dollars and certain expectations. but grant and i will eventually get our appliances (next wednesday. a month late.) and all will be right with the world. hey, it will mean more to be thankful for this year: a working kitchen and real meals again. it will also mean that from now until thanksgiving, we will eat via the dorm-sized fridge we are borrowing. happily,
a. i happen to love cereal and sandwiches. and
b. my inlaws have graciously offered their table anytime. and judy happens to be the best cook in the county.
yeah. we'll be just fine. (no thanks to you, turkey will taste extra good this year.
3. short story. a couple weeks ago grant and i decided we'd like to own a globe. it's just a good thing to have. so i popped in my favorite shop on main street monday afternoon and what should be waiting there for me to find, but a lovely vintage globe for $5.00. slick. i like the look of it next to the wall in my new living room.


ChelseaF said...

Rockin' globe, rockin' flowers...and viva la WalMart!

marta said...

beauutiful. love the vintage globe. and i love your ramblings too. happy new house to you both.

Anonymous said...

i believe it's amaryllith... :)

Anneliese said...

i love the globe! it makes me want to touch it. :) and your pretty flower is fab!

to bad about the fridge situation....i feel ya there. we moved into a new apt and had a fridge...but i think it was made in the 70's and it showed. it was terrible trying to get a replacement! but it came...and i love it that much more!

ps. i have finally caught on to the whole taking people up on their dinner offers. do it. you won't regret it. you love to eat their food and they love to serve it. win win!

natalie said...

awesome flowers summer! i gotta get in on that!

lucinda said...

i love love love amaryllis! and buy them every year. they bring cheer to grey cold winters



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