November 20, 2009
here it is, the must-have photo. i love that grant, knowing we would take a picture, had secretly kept his shirt and tie in place under his hooded sweatshirt during the move. i am married to such a cool guy. (had i not cropped this, you could have seen his hoodie laying on the sidewalk where he tossed it before posing with me.)
a handful of notes about today.
a. only one week until christmas music is street legal.
b. will attempt to find spots for our toothbrushes today.
c. have started working on a list of things to do during christmastime. this was before i saw jordan's, which is brimming with good ideas to add. will be sharing mine on december the first!
d. along with cereal and sandwiches, we are also subsisting on my take-home snacks from preschool. this was an amazing week for snacks, guys. you don't even know. one little boy had his mom bring homemade treats two days in a row. mmm. i have eaten about 3 special k bars already.
e. since moving to minnesota i've learned that special k bars is apparently another name for what i call scotcharoos. is this a regional thing? what do you call them? can anyone enlighten me on this? i think it's funny to hear people call them special k, even in the cases where they are made with rice krispies.
f. might get harry potter or star trek from the-best-thing-to-happen-to-our-town-$1.00 dvd-rental-box tonight.
g. our letter of the week at preschool, so we read this new to me and mighty clever book. i have such a soft spot for children's books. (more on this about me fact in the near future.) g'day everyone.


Sasha said...

You two are so cute! Love love love that you bought a house and will make it your home. Can't wait to read more through the holiday season as I spend it in my rented room far away from my home.

christy said...

scotcheroos. definitely.

natalie said...

awwwww, love the pic guys.
scotcheroos is the only name i'm familiar with. it's so interesting to hear the different names used by people from different states. Tom calls sub sandwiches "heros". I guess it's a NY thing!

Renee said...

ok...i'll show my age a bit here....but back in the day, special k cereal was a smaller flake cereal than it is now, (kinda like fruity pebbles' size flakes) and I actually made those bars using Special K! Nowadays, though, it's rice cereal all the way! I would love to taste one made with Special K....the "old" special K!!
Glad your preschoolers are able to help you out with your menu!! Sandwiches actually sound good for dinner tonight!

Renee said...

oh....p.s. LOVED the picture of you two!

Amanda said...

I have never heard them being called scotcharoos. Have lived in the Midwest my entire life and have always referred to that delicious treat as being 'special k' bars.

So nice that you two are settling in-and consuming a cereal diet:)
Thanks for letting us in on your move and giving us a glimpse into your new life in that house!

Am eager to hear what you have in store for Christmas ideas.

ashley maureen said...

believe it or not i never even heard of special k bars until i started dating matt, whose family is from minnesota. they call them special k bars, but in the cookbook they are scotcheroos. either way, they're a favorite (and made with special k)

love the photo of you two!

Mom Judy said...

Thanks for a great week at preschool. You are right it was the best week of snacks. You are a natural teacher and I love how you have sparked an interest in books with the kids. I love the photo of you and Grant by your first home! I always called the bars Special K until Audra joined our family. She called them schotcheroos. I thought it must be an Iowan thing.

Kerri Lynne said...

i'm also counting down for thanksgiving so that christmas music can begin! can't wait. :)

marta said...

perfect. i love that this photo will go down in history. the smiles, the scarf and the pumpkin say just enough.

Katherine said...

Sorry to just pop in like this without much introduction, but I was clicking through my saved links and re-discovered you hiding in there. Anyway, my husband and I recently moved to our first house too and I was wondering if you could pretty please share where you got that couch! I think it is exactly what we have been looking for! Also, love the living room. :)



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