December 23, 2009
the amaryllis has had another round of blooms
the gifts are wrapped
the carols have been sung
the wreaths have finally been hung
the 7 ft artificial pine has been sprayed with my favorite mist
the snowstorm is on schedule (100% chance christmas eve, 80% on christmas day)
the family is heading our way
grant is at school, but only for a half day
a phone call is in an order to my nebraska clan
and all i need from the store is brown sugar and dish soap.
at this point in the christmas timetable it seems like i must have a strand of colored bulbs in sight at all times. can you spy my li'l tree? it goes wherever i go these days. i take it up to our attic bedroom at night and it throws a pretty pink glow on our sloping walls. and each morning i carry it back downstairs to enjoy on the kitchen counter all day long. hats off to mom for putting this notion in my head. she always had a little tree in her kitchen to brighten her baking. to all of you who will be joining me in the kitchen today, i wish you sweet merry-making. as we prepare our feasts, may we also prepare our hearts.
Come, Thou long-expected Jesus..
Hope of all the earth Thou art;
Dear Desire of every nation,
Joy of every longing heart.


ashley maureen said...

precious. i've decided that a tree in our bedroom will be a priority for next year.

marta said...

oooh la la. that looks absolutely awesome. the dough, the mixer and the glowing tree. happy christmas-ing. enjoy the visits from family, summer.

p.s. thank you for sharing that exquisite book yesterday. it's on my wish list for good-finds.

natalie said...

love the tree following you around! cute idea. i'm baking up a storm today, too. merry christmas!

Aunt Kayleen said...

Merry Christmas Summer!

Renee said...

I hate to admit it now, that my little tree is not up in the kitchen this year! I may just have to go get it! But we are baking up a storm today, while the storm continues to blow here outside as well!
Hope you all are enjoying your nice WARM, cozy home! Happy Christmas Eve Day!..and Merry Christmas to you and Grant ....for tomorrow!
Love you both!



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