December 22, 2009
i've already played up my preferred version of little women, now for my favorite edition of the night before christmas. a whitman giant tell-a-tale from 1960, with exquisite illustrations by catherine barnes. it used to sit in the hall bedroom at grandma's house on 39th street, begging for little girls to page through its oversized pretty pictures. we didn't even notice the crayon marks dad had made when he was a boy. we loved it. it was extra special, as all the toys were that we could only have at grandma's house.
over 2009, i watched and waited for this book. months and months i waited. ebay was my only hope of being reunited with a piece of my childhood. i scoured the auctions, bidding on a couple without success. sightings of this particular version of the story were few and far between, so i even recruited dad to keep an eye out for me. we saw it going for hundreds of dollars at a time, but i never lost hope. i was going to get my hands on a copy, without paying sky-high. this fall, the time was right. i placed my bid, optimistically low, and i won.


Amanda said...

I'm so glad you got your little treasure from the past. Merry Christmas to you and Grant!

Christina said...

Hooray! I love it when a worth-it wait is repaid. (btw, I just noticed the pine cone candle holder in the pound cake photo; I love it!)

natalie said...

awesome! love the pictures in the book. looks like a great keepsake

Miranda said...

What a beautiful book! I can see why you cherish it so, it's gorgeous. I love the nativity on the mantel and the glorious colors. I have never seen this book, but would so snatch it up if I came across one.
I recently feel in love with an old Christmas book, you can read my blog post about it here.
Merry Christmas, I just recently found your blog and am enjoying reading!

Renee said...

thanks for posting some of the great pictures from the book Summer! i had forgotten how wonderful they are.



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