December 3, 2009
during our no-fridge-or-stove stint, grant and i found this to be a decent dinner. for not being a soup enthusiast, i was surprised by how much i liked it. if you crumble tortilla chips and sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese on top, it's entirely yummy. and 100% natural to boot. might just stock my new lazy susan (or as grant has labeled it, the 'hungry susan') with a few more cans for winter.
tell me, do you have a knockout soup for me to try?
ps. but do keep in mind, i'm not terribly fond of high bean levels in my bowl.
also, would you like to see my new fridge and oven? i should whip a photo up here soon. i forgot to tell you, but they arrived the day before thanksgiving, and they're just as spacious and stainless steelish as they were in my dreams. the first thing i made on my gleaming ceramic smooth-top was a batch of soy garlic stir-fry with leftover thanksgiving turkey, instead of chicken. it was a so-so result on the fork. but hey, we're off to a good start with the whole live and learn thing, right mr. fancy frigidaire?


natalie said...

congrats on the new appliances! as far as soups go, i love soups but haven't found a can that just "floats my boat". :) happy cooking!

Renee said...

one of my favs has to be Grandma Vi's Baked Potato Soup!! picture yummy potato soup... but on the top are lots of bacon bits swimming around with the chives in melting cheddar cheese! oh...i should make that tonight!

Brea said...

Summer or Renee, please post the recipe for this "grandma's potato soup". I LOVE a good creamy soup but I haven't mastered it yet. And we (rob and I) were pleasantly surprised with the same can of soup as you. But I have to admit I'm not excited about any other cans. One boxed soup that we like is "tastefully simple's wild rice soup" with the addition of cooked chicken. Do you guys have "tastefully simple" parties in Minnesota? Pretty good for boxed-quick-preparation foods. Oh, and one more thing. Have you guys watched White Collar on USA? Everytime I see it, I think of Grant. The main character kinda looks like Grant when he had long handsome hair. Hehe. Miss you guys!

Tesa said... I am craving that Baked Potato soup. I have made that and it is SERIOUSLY-company-worthy-yummy.



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