December 2, 2009
you may have noticed that mail christmas cards was not on the list yesterday. were i not such a scrooge (i love the subjunctive. 'were i'?.. it sounds so wrong, but it's so right.) about buying cards, i might snatch up some of these from this long-awaited shop.
i've always had trouble paying the big bucks on cards, especially if i must also pay s + h. i know that by confessing this i'm practically speaking blasphemy in this paper-goods-crazed blogworld, but i'm just telling it like it is. i usually resort to the homemade kind, if anything. but guys, anna bond is brilliant. her stationery tempts me in a way i can't understand. i'm thinking it must be the folksy-vintage style she rocks. you just can't teach that.


Bryant said...

you're right. you just can't teach that. homemade cards are fun though.

natalie said...

cute cards, summer girl. i would totally love to send these to my loved ones but alas i am too cheap. i think i'd go the homemade route too.

marta said...

you have divine tastes. i was just 'in' their shop yesterday eyeing the lovely santa with his pipe. how cute are those!??

John and Teresa said...

i love that style. i suggest going to target or any other store on new years eve this year. this is the day that all christmas stuff is marked to 75% of. i observed and did my homework last year and THIS is the day to wait for. i don't buy into that 50% off talk. not worth it. maybe you could find some nice cards for next year. i am cheap, too, and maybe this isn't proper but i "mail" things in the church mailboxes and for family, i personally hand them to them at christmas gatherings :o)

Bluebelle said...

Those are beautiful, but I'm just like you - I don't do Christmas cards except the ones I home-make. Right now I'm a little sad about that though, they really are pretty.



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