December 5, 2009
baby chels
happy birthday, sister!
it's hard to believe that you are that tiny baby in my arms. i wish i could remember what it felt like to hold you when you were this small. but i'm so glad that there are lots of things i can remember.. mom and dad taking us out to dinner at denny's and telling us that you were in mom's tummy, how cuddly you looked with the pacifier in your mouth and your footed jammies, your two-year-old birthday party when you got the big kitchen set, how you called us your 'sissies', your white-blonde hair, seeing you in your preschool christmas program, and secretly video taping you while you played in the bathtub. you were so darn cute. (and you still are.)
today you are young and sweet, only seventeen, and i can hardly believe it. i love you. you were the best early christmas present ever. happy birthday, chels!


Rebecca said...

even in this early pic you have laser eyes. :)

Renee said...

love the post summer! You guys look like such proud big sisters!!
Chelsea says, "i look so ugly!" She doesn't have a google acct to write a comment, so she wants me to leave her comment...
"i love it [the post}, and I love you....thank you."

ps. I swear you have more of the good pictures than I do!! I need to invade your computer!

natalie said...

awwwww, this is so precious!

Mom Judy said...

What cute girls. I love that you all have a different expression on your faces.



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