December 4, 2009
twice a day, two days in a row, guys. i hope you can keep up with me. it's gonna be hoppin' around here if things keep up. i've got posts out the wazoo.
so here's a fresh batch of decemberness to unload on you: have you been catching all the christmas specials on tv? because you know that i have. and i've been recording them on, get this, our new dvr. another luxury that came with the new house! a year of free dvr, baby. this is a wide world of wonder to me; all my christmas favorites niftily stored away for me to enjoy while curling ribbons and placing 2-inch strips of satin gift wrap tape. cool.
because i adore them so much and want you all to watch these christmas greats with me, and because i've already done the research, i've made up a little reminder card for some of the big pictures. just for you! i gave the date, the name, and the channel, and i'm counting on you to look up the proper time for your zone. (fyi, 'abcf' = abc family) i'll be sipping hot chocolate and thinking of you when i press play on dr. seuss' how the grinch stole christmas. it was on earlier this week.. hope you didn't miss.
sidenote.. if you're going to be around, be sure to drop by over the weekend. i'll simply have to start doing saturday and sunday supplements in order to give this jolly season it's proper due.


Kelli said...

We have Charlie Brown all set to tape and we've been watching the Grinch all week. My kids love it...just as much as you will love your DVR.

Renee said...

all those shows..and still movies to watch too...are there enough days to get them all in?!! We'll give it a try!

Annabelle said...

Tonight is White Christmas for us. It is a holiday must. Have you ever seen Holiday Inn?

Amanda said...

Summer-wonderful list! Have starred this on Google Reader to check frequently.

P.S. We watched "White Christmas" on AMC (twice) tonight-such a holiday classic.



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