December 20, 2009
winter 2009-2010, which doesn't even officially begin until tomorrow, has already taught me to appreciate the tremendous difference between snowy days and frosty days. this weekend has been undoubtedly frosty. evergreens collected a heavy dusting of powdered sugar white, and every last branch and bough on every bare tree has been individually wrapped in a glaze of ice crystals, right down to the tiniest twig. and me? i couldn't be happier about it.
this morning we drove down our full-on frosted street, and amidst shimmering trees we trekked out to our countryside church. without question, it was the most beautiful car ride i've ever been on. from my window, the world was a study in whites, and we felt like the only slash of color on the face of the earth. it was a real life run-through of an infiniti commercial; a veritable 'marshmallow world'; worthy of pages in a storybook. and, good news.. maybe more white out days to come. they're calling for snow all week and possibly a little storm in the works for christmas. hooray for the gift of winter wonderland.
it's been a great blend of a weekend: some working, baking (tune in tomorrow), a bit of exercise, and some light reading by christmastreelight. saturday we hightailed it down to the big city for what may be the final major grocery run of 2009. i picked up another batch of clementines, swiss cheese (i just recently found that i love the stuff), supplies for a christmasy breakfast, and a new toothbrush. cheers to starting afresh in 2010. meanwhile, according to pandora, i've listened to 36 of my 40 hours of allotted free listening for the month. i completely overkill on christmas music, you see. i take it however/whenever i can get it. 'hear those sleigh bells jingle-jangle' as i'm gearing up the treadmill, 'peace on earth and mercy mild' as i'm swiping conditioner through my hair, etc. here's my list of favorite christmas tunes from '08, in case you were hoping to beef up your playlist.


Renee said...

looks beautiful summer!! I hope the weather is cooperative when you are getting ready to head south!
Dad has completely used up his minutes on Pandora! Guess I know where you get your love for good Christmas music!
can't wait to see what you've been baking up in that gorgeous kitchen of yours!

Mom Judy said...

I recognize those frosted covered trees. I love how you write. You make everything sound like you either want to be there or do whatever you are doing. It is a gift!

Christina said...

<3 frosty days. There is just something oh, so special about the pervasive wintry white completed by etched blue shadows... We haven't had a good one yet this winter, and I love your photo!

natalie said...

awesome post and pic. what a beautiful scene to get to celebrate Christmas in.



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