December 14, 2009
i've picked up a tinge of a christmas cold today, but don't you fret. i've got remedies galore over here.
1. the christmas blanket. it's absolutely my favorite. (not sure how it made it from grandma's house to my clingy arms.. apparently i think i have dibs on this vintage treasure.)
2. clementines, cold water, and decongestants.
3. freshly-washed handkerchiefs.
4. snowflakes blowing by my window. they look just like specs of glitter today.
5. my best-loved version of little women dvr'd.
6. hot piles of laundry.
7. leftovers from sunday dinner in my pretty new pyrex. truly, leftovers have never looked so good.
8. harry connick crooning, via pandora. i love that place. i love free.
9. space heater blasting.
10. a thoughtful husband who tells me, 'you should take it easy today.'
maybe you all should take it easy today, too. you want to be nice and healthy for the holidays, now don't you? wishing you a great monday. be snug.


kELLO! said...

oh you make me want to have a christmas cold! =)
hope you get to feeling better.

Heidi said...

oh, no! you need your theives' oil now!

Amanda said...

You take care now miss summmer!

Best Remedy: watch movies (Christmas ones are perfection!)

natalie said...

so sad to hear you're not feeling well. hope you are enjoying the relaxing part of it, though! movies and pandora, and snow flakes!! perfect day to take it easy. love ya!

p.s. you might be interested in
it's not only free but you can basically choose any song you want and create your own customized play list. God bless Free!

Aunt Kayleen said...

I hadn't thought of doing Harry Connick on Pandora. What a great idea! I'm going to try it right now.

Chaucee said...

Okay, seriously coveting this blanket you have. Where did you get it?? :P

holly-lynn said...

soo true, i always get sick before the holidays and it is the WORST! rest up!

Kelli said...

I hope you feel better soon and that you're taking Grant's sweet advice. Love the quilt and I LOVE pyrex.



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