December 15, 2009
last week, at a christmas party, during an icebreaker, (after the refreshments, but before the white elephant exchange,) a sweet lady was given the job of introducing me to the group. when she came to the end of my mini bio, heather simply said, '..and she loves being married.'
funny, her statement totally stunned me. why wasn't i thinking that before she said it? i had predicted something along the lines of 'and she just bought a house' or 'and she likes to bake'. but this candid detail .. this was most unexpected. i took it as a huge compliment. it was completely different than the other facts that were being doled out around the circle. and boy, did she hit the nail on the head. in hindsight, i can see that any other information about me would have been less fitting and significant. certainly, i already knew that i love being married to grant, but now i realize how highly that little fact ranks in my life. being married, and my role as a wife, have and always will be my passion. i can't separate what i'm like as a person from that. it's part of what defines me.
later, heather said that she had perceived my love for being married via my facebook profile. right then and there, my pride bubble burst. i was still flattered that she would include it in my introduction, but sorely disappointed that it didn't just show. silly me. i don't simply exude love for my husband. so at this point i'm thinking i may have a new year's resolution on my hands. actually, more like a lifelong goal. to live in such a way that people who know me, will know that i love being married to grant. and writing about it here doesn't count. it will mean using my actions, spoken words, and attitudes to properly show it. something like..
laughing at his jokes (not hard to do), speaking well of him to others, holding his hand always, caring about his opinion, being a good listener, not complaining, no snubs, talking to him with respect and politeness, being an encouragement, and never criticizing him in front of other people. basically making it a point to enjoy his company and be a good companion, both at home and in public.


Nessa said...

What a great reminder to those of us who also love being married... let it show and shine. Thanks Summer.

Bluebelle said...

What a lovely thought and goal. :)

Aunt Kayleen said...

You just hit I Peter 3:1-6 right on the head. It's a must read in the amplified Bible!!

Anonymous said...

I read a book once ( although I can't remember what) that said that you should uplift your husband in not speaking bad about him, etc. I try my hardest to uphold this. :)

Annabelle said...

Anyone who is around you and Grant knows that you love being married to him; it is not a secret!

Mom Judy said...

It means a lot to me when any of my daughter in laws or daughter show their love for their husbands. It is one of the best gifts any couple can give to their kids and family. You set a very good example, Summer!

natalie said...

good reminder, summer. thanks so much for the words of wisdom.

Christina said...

I have a very similar goal (though worded in a Christinaish way instead of a Summerish way). : ) Thanks for the reminder!



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