December 9, 2009
snowdays are the only days we wake up before the alarm. we lay there and lay there, reluctant to get up, because if you get up, you're admitting that it's going to be business as usual. so, we restlessly wait to see if we'll get the call. today we both got the call. woohoo.
this has been a unique snowday. we are getting stuff done, man. i actually got out of my pajamas and took a shower. grant, as you can see, used our new snowblower on our driveway and our neighbor's and even cleared a path for the mailman. i cleaned the bathroom top to bottom and made biscuits for the first time ever. they were downright delicious, if i do say so myself. see the recipe a couple lines down. bonus.. no yeast required. and this afternoon we watched the star trek movie, which was solid entertainment. i've never seen anything trekkie before in my life, but i really liked this.
tune in tomorrow to see more for him, for her. i'm off to keep seizing the snowday. nails to paint, gifts to wrap, bacon to fry, you know.


natalie said...

yes! you got a snow day. how exciting.

Mom Judy said...

How nice of Grant to do the neighbors driveway too. It is so neighborly.

Anonymous said...

you are too cute summer! I just love the way you write. can I be just like you? :) glad y'all got a snow day!



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