January 3, 2010
hello, double digits. happy to see you. i still haven't decided how to say your name. my guess is that twenty ten will stick, but grant is rooting for oh-ten. we'll see.
we are home from nebraska now, and nearly ready for the plunge back into normalcy. as usual, christmas vacation has been a giant pause in our regular life. a pause that has spoiled me with the luxury of spending every waking moment alongside my husband. we're getting up all our guts to press play tomorrow morning, but i've a feeling i'll be homesick for grant by 8 am.
so far in 2010, i've done a few things in my life.
i said yes to being haley's maid of honor. woohoo!
i played the wii, for the first time ever.
i scored a 245 in wii bowling, which is better than i will ever do in real life.
i wore pearls.
i downloaded the newest john mayer album.
i bought some organic things at the grocery store and felt cool.
i listened to maroon 5 while sharing the bathroom with my sisters.
i signed up to bring something sweet to sunday school.
i learned about the nfl playoffs.
i read the pioneer woman cookbook. that sounds weird, but you really can read this cookbook.
i watched the movie that won best picture in 1934. it's a favorite.
i made a list of more books and movies to take in during 2010. tune in tomorrow to see.
well, here i go. off to get back into the swing of things. it's a school night, you know. i need to trim grant's neckline and make his lunch and set out my laundry baskets for the morning. see you soon.


Amanda said...

I love when you talk about the simple things that you do as a wife (making Grant's lunch, doing the laundry)...seeing how excited you are about being a wife makes me more excited about my wedding.

Congrats on being a maid of honor (I guess for you, it would be matron), it's so wonderful being close to a sister on her big day.

And congrats on Wii bowling--my fiancee has a Wii and I never thought I would like it as much as I do.

Enjoy the last night of your holiday break:)

Renee said...

LoVe the picture!!
Hope your "normal" goes GrEaT!
I too, have laundry to do, and the living room still looks like it did (Christmas Chaos) when you left! must get that back to "normal" today too!
Happy Monday!

Aunt Kayleen said...

Uncle Don and I just watched "It Happened One Night" last week!! Great movie!

ps. Love the family pic!

EliseBlaha said...

i'm hoping for oh-ten too. that seems the easiest to say. happy new year!

Anonymous said...

I think it would be matron of honor since you are married. :)

I agree with the oh ten.

Mom Judy said...

I always love a stair step picture. You guys all look so good together! Who is the guy at the top?

kristin said...

i read the poineer woman cookbook, too! (which, oddly enough pw's blog is how i *met* your blog)

natalie said...

love the pic and love the post!

Hannah said...

I am seriously behind in reading your blog posts... but i have to admit that I laughed out loud at having to trim Grant's neckline.

sounds like "oh ten" is going to be a great year!! :)



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