January 7, 2010
nevermind. no grad school student here, yet. grant's first class, along with almost every other activity since noon yesterday, was cancelled due to the snowstorm that rolled in. i wonder, are you guys as blizzarded as we are? it's awfully white and windy 'round these parts. i've never felt so encased in snow before; the blanket has risen up to where it is level with our windows the whole way around our house. cool. literally.
the first class was rescheduled for saturday morning, so we'll have to wait to celebrate student re-entry then. for the time being, let me say a thousand thanks to all of you who left us mini pep talks and congrats and go get 'ems yesterday. the fact that you care enough to read about my life blows me away, but then to hear back from you too.. that's one happy surprise. thank you, friends. you made me that much more excited to enter a new phase of life.
from my snow cocoon, summer


Kaitlyn Luce said...

No snow in Florida. But maybe this weekend. Not even joking!

natalie said...

we keep getting hit with snow too. blizzards galore! but it sure is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

We keep on having snowfalls that have been previously hyped up as snowstorms. It's getting old. I'd like to wake up to a landscape like yours.

holly-lynn said...

we're hoping for it to hit us tonight! & hopefully we'll have a day encased in snow tomorrow!

Christina said...

Hm...no blizzard here in cold Montana. We have, however, had sub-zero weather, a few new inches of snow, extra-slick roads, and roaring fires in our wood-burning stove.



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