January 9, 2010
okay. i can't not talk about this. in the last couple of weeks, during the holidays and blizzarding and beyond, grant and i have seen a constant stream of blessings come pouring into our life. some little, some big, but all wonderful, unexpected things. it's incredible. wherever we turn, we are finding God's grace falling in our lap. His omnipotent hand, providing over and above the needed help, via the mailbox, inbox, phone calls, family, and even the budget. i need to record this time, both to give Him praise and so that i can look back and remember His faithfulness, and maybe also to encourage anyone who might read this. one of my favorite people to quote, mr. charles spurgeon, says, 'what a serene and quiet life might you lead if you would leave providing to the God of providence!' in other words, stop worrying. hope on, hope ever. there is Someone who cares, who knows what you need even before you ask for it.
thank you, Lord, for scattering awesome things throughout our life. lately i feel like they are coming at us from all directions. i know we've done nothing to deserve them, but they are case in point of your goodness and grace. and i praise You.
ps. am especially grateful today for a good friend. happy birthday, sarah!


Anonymous said...

amen! amen! boundless love...inexhaustible grace.

Ashley said...

Awesome quote. Copied and pasted it to my desktop. Stay warm!! :)

marta said...

beautiful thoughts.
beautiful photo.

Mom Judy said...

What a sweet reminder of our Great Provider.

natalie said...

awesome, just awesome. thank you summer for always being a light and encouragment to others. love you so much!



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