February 14, 2010
dear grant,
remember our first valentine's day? everything was picture perfect, down to the peanut butter pie in the fridge for midnight snacking. you showed up on my parents' doorstep with a sack of dove chocolate and a letter in your pocket. my hair was curled and i wore my shiny new red flats. the slippery ones that had me clinging to your arm as we walked through the snow. in the car you handed me the letter, which was printed on heavy white paper, tri-folded, and terribly romantic, as your letters always are. i read it right there, thinking you were too good to be true. you took me to a swanky steakhouse on the west side of town where the lighting is rich, the leather booths are fat, and they play nat king cole. we shared one side of the booth because sitting across the table would have been too far apart. we didn't even care what we ate. all we cared about was being together. that was enough. and it still is.
i'm glad you're my valentine. forever. i love you madly.
ps. it was so nice when i got home the other day and you couldn't stop looking at me. and you said, 'you're just really pretty.' i loved that.


natalie said...

awwww, i'm teary eyed! how sweet. thanks for sharing summer!

Eeny said...

How cute!

southern daze said...

Such a sweet post.

kristin said...

LOVE this. what a blessing to have a great husband, isn't it?



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