February 16, 2010
how nice is it that at the end of a 3 day weekend, there's still a bright side. starting the week on a tuesday is always fun. so, this weekend i decided something. when it comes to valentining, sometimes small-scale is even better than five-star.
our humble holiday included such things as.. cheesecake before dinner (more on this tomorrow), favorite nbc shows, blankets, individual pizzas.. made side by side, a bottle of root beer to share, 7 basketball games (final tournament of the season!), bleacher bruises, whistler mountain, speed skating, kiwi slices, one very snowy drive with new songs to sing along to, unhurried grocery shopping (one of my favorite things.), an apple fritter for him, and a blueberry cake donut for me. oh, and we also enjoyed making each other laugh by throwing the term true love around as much as possible. the other night i made grant crack up with a sarcastic, 'how could you do that to your true love?' and a new inside joke was born. we have decided that we need to start referring to each other as 'my true love' in front of other people. we really need to.
even our gifts to each other were of the modest sort, but they suited us just fine. truly, i think small gifts are my favorite. grant liked getting a surprise bag of his favorite chili lime tortilla chips and a stack of freshly mixed cds for his car. for fun, i included the new nick jonas song that sounds so very johnmayer-ish. it's on repeat right now. and i am perfectly happy with the barely there lip gloss grant picked out for me. been wanting this stuff for months. (and can i just say.. i am proud of this guy who will go to the makeup aisle. unafraid. and what's more, he has good taste.)
back tomorrow with a top-notch recipe for pink lemonade cheesecake squares.
be there or be square.


Renee said...

cute "play" on words on grant's cd! sounds like you had a great weekend together. Can't wait to see the pink lemonade cheesecake recipe!

Christina said...

What fun! We had a simple Valentine's Day too. Sometimes it's more fun to think of a lot of little things than one big thing. ; ) I think the "true love" story is sweet and cute. A while ago I decided to nickname Benjamin "love" (like Emma's sister Isabella called her husband) instead of babe or dear or something along those lines.

Hannah said...
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Hannah said...

what a guy you have! shops for makeup? That is quite the catch!

love you little note on the cd. so clever.

Angie S said...

I'm not gonna be square...can't wait for that recipe :)

natalie said...

love the post and the "true love" nickname. sounds like a great valentine's day weekend. thanks for sharing with us.
we had a really simple weekend as well but, so enjoyable. we ended up eating out at chipotle with aaron. gotta love family time!

Katherine said...

I agree, small surprises are absolutely the bestest.



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