February 2, 2010
it's always at this point in the winter that i feel like i've lost touch with the other seasons. in particular, summer. the feel of barefoot, the smell of sunscreen, the taste of ripe (and inexpensive) strawberries, the sight of snow-free streets, and the sound of the bell ringing at camp shetek.. it all seems a distant memory.
i feel a thousand miles away from summer.
and yet, maybe i shouldn't.
we made it through january, which means we're almost ready for valentine's day, which means we'll just have to muddle through march and it'll be easter, which means it will soon be my birthday, which means it will practically be may, which means the end of school, which means the start of camp, which means my twin sister's wedding, which means it will be summer! so really, it will be here before we know it.
summer camp plans are already underway; counselors are calling in and kitchen girls have begun rounding up new recipes. and with haley's wedding looming on the horizon, there are bridal shower plans brewing and important date setting and all that fun stuff. the pages of the calendar are already filling up so fast. jr. high basketball season is coming to a quick close. in just a couple weeks, no more early morning practices! and there are family visits in the works. hooray, houseguests for the new house. oh, and i still have to accomplish my wintry goal of learning to knit. oh, and until may we'll have a weekly dose of american idol. basically, there's no time to spare.
get ready for flip-flop tanlines, guys. we're already one day closer. woohoo.
happy groundhog day!


Anonymous said...

I heard James Taylor say once that Groundhog Day is "the Wednesday of winter". Don't you love that?

ChelseaF said...

I am itching for summer too, can not WAIT for Haley's wedding, and deep in several knitting projects at the moment. Here's what I used to get started, great for visual learners: http://www.knittinghelp.com/

natalie said...

i hear you summer. i was looking at pictures from last summer and the trees had leaves on them! I had completely forgotten what it looked like outside in the summer.....GREEN..AND HOT! I can't wait for the warmth and those awesome flip flops!

Kelli said...

I love your way of thinking...it is only around the corner...I need to keep telling myself that.

Renee said...

doesn't that green grass beneath your feet just look wonderful?!! yes, time will fly..and we will soon be there, and you will soon be here, and then haley will be there (in her new house) and Chelsea will be there (with you, at camp!) Life is good!

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Loved this post! With all of those things going on, summer will definitely sneak right up on you. My flip flop tan line is almost fully faded, but I can't wait to get it back. Yes...they fade in Florida! ;-)

Anonymous said...

And a happy Groundhog Day to you! You have such a great attitude! It cheered me up on this snowy, cold day.

Coli said...

Your outlook made my day! Thank you for the positive thoughts!



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