February 1, 2010
january 2010..
1. was busy with basketball, baking, and blizzards.
2. we added another blanket to our bed.
3. there were 4 snow days, several plates of grant's nachos, and books by the stack.
4. and a bookmark that looks very much like a grant paper doll. i cut it out from his team photo.
5. there was a constant stream of recipes stuck to the side of the fridge.
6. we got a wake-up call of an electric bill. blast that supposed energy-efficient heat pump!
7. kidding. 30 below temps can't be helped. and we are learning to deal.
8. we christened a corner of our new basement as the storage spot for christmasy things.
9. i lived in woolly socks & worn slippers.
10. i subsided on toast and jam.
11. i bought two old frou frou songs and played them excessively.
12. the vikings blew it.
13. we emptied out 'the blue room' and have decided to paint it. not sure what color.
14. grant started doing homework. and he gets it done in a flash. i'm always impressed.
15. i made cake. and waves in my hair. and headway on this list.
16. we opened the kitchen door to a wall of snow, complete with perfect door prints.
17. we went out with a bang. we blew an online giftcard on something epic yesterday.
18. more on this exciting purchase any day now.
it's snowing again this morning. bring it on, february. i'm ready.


solstice letters said...

Wow...that's quite a month!

Kaitlyn Luce said...

I love this little collage that you put together. :-)

natalie said...

it's fun to look back and see all that went on. thanks for sharing summer.

marta said...

ooh, i really like the end of the month wrap-up idea. and that tiny bookmark made me smile and holy cow, i can't wait to hear about the epic purchase. hmmm.

Katherine said...

How do you manage to remember everything you did? When I think of this past month, I think of this past weekend - because that's about all I can remember!



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