February 9, 2010
remember pink plates? let me refer you back a few days.. to this post.
where i realized how fun it would be to have pretty pink plates.
where i realized that pink plates were totally my new favorite thing.
where i realized that i had a new mission: find pink plates.
i was craving them. just like i've been craving citrus desserts, holding a puppy, a warm walk,
these pancakes (check), a good lipstick, and donuts from the pipestone bakery.
anyway, let's hop back to the here and now, where i sit with a stack of easter bunny pink plates of my very own! just days after i saw that photo, i spotted something rosy on a bookcase in my favorite secondhand shop, the same day i nabbed these dishes. it was perfect. there sat 4 of simplest, loveliest, pinkest vintage ceramic plates i ever saw. a steal at $1.50 for the whole stack. i couldn't have imagined it any better. it will be a happy valentine's day for our table, all dolled up in pink. yay. and now i can cross that craving off the list.


Renee said...

so happy for you! what a find! They are so cute...and perfect for V-Day!

Amanda said...

Congrats on fulfilling your quest! And I love the rustic look of that blue table by the way.

marta said...

couldn't be happier for you! really truly, don't you just love when happy coincidences just fall into your lap like that?! i love dishes that have a good story to them too. hooray hooray.

Bekah: said...

They are so cute! I love everything pink. Perhaps because I have three little women?

I have a very pressing question for you. A big favor. Will you pretty please e-mail me @ michaelandbekah@gmail.com so that I can ask? Because I cannot seem to find your contact info anywhere. Please? And Thank you.

Enjoying Life said...

SO pretty! Definitely the perfect shade of pink. I especially love the turquoise table below them. I have a thing for turquoise.

Rachel said...

So fun! Such a good find.

Tesa said...

Those pink plates are just charming!
How fun!

And phooey- where was that recipe three days ago when I was making pancakes for the fam and forgot I was out of milk! I google searched for a recipe using sour cream instead of milk and came up with nothing. Those pancakes look delicious!

Mom Judy said...

Summer, love the pink and turquoise together. Now you need some pink carnations or baby roses. How did you discover the donuts in Pipestone? I am going on Friday to Pipestone.

swell.life said...

beauties! all 4 of them. on the perfect table to pose for the perfect picture. can't wait to see your heart day dinner in all of it's romantical form!

natalie said...

awesome, summer! congrats on your steal of a deal! they're uber cute, too!.

Christina said...


sheena said...

oh no.

Now I need pink plates.



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